Musical Works: List View


Work list view

The work list view, just as all other list views, has a search field, an action bar, a table with works and, once there are over 100 works in the database, pagination, all on the left side. On the right side, there is the add musical work button, which takes you to the appropriate view, and the set of filters.

Filters change, based on the number of options. For four options or less, they are simple links, and for more, it turns into a pull-down menu,

Search works on titles, writer’s last names, ISWCs, ISRCs (in related recordings) and work IDs (numeric part).

Data table can be sorted by almost any column, or combination of the columns, and counts are also links to recording and CWR export list views..

Exporting JSON


Exporting musical works in JSON format.

Select several (or all) works in the musical work list view, select the Export selected works JSON action and press on Go. A JSON file will be downloaded, containing all the information about your works.

If you ever choose to stop using Django-Music-Publisher and move on, there is no lock-in. While these JSON formats might be confusing, there are free on-line tools that will convert JSON to just about any other format you need.

CWR Exporting Wizard

Currently the only other available action is to create CWR from selected works. Once you run it, you will be taken to add CWR export view, described here.