Writer list view, note how lack of data influences can be controlled value.

As every musical work requires at least one writer, this makes Writer views to be a very important one.

Add and change views have three field groups. Last name and first name fields in the first, IPI name #, IPI Base # and Performance Rights Society in the second, all quite obvious.

In the third, we have three fields:

  • General agreement checkbox to mark that there is an original general agreement with this writer. This means that this writer must be controlled in all works.
  • Society-assigned agreement number for the original general agreement between you and this writer (required in some societies)
  • Publisher fee is the fee kept by the publisher when royalties are paid and distributed. This field is not used in registrations. It is used only for royalty statement processing. Most small publishers don’t use it.

Writer list view filters and most of the columns in the table are self-explanatory. Can be controlled may not be. There is a minimal set of data for controlled writers. This field shows if provided data fulfills the criteria.

The last column is a counter and link to the list of works by this writer.