Creating CWR Export


Add CWR export view

There are several ways to get to this screen, from the home page or app menu or CWR export list view by pressing on Add CWR Export or from the batch create CWR from selected works action in Works list view.

Please note that the field Works uses auto-complete, and if you don’t come here through the action, you must add works in this view one at a time.

NWR/REV field is for you to select what kind of CWR file you want to create. CWR 2.1 makes a distinction between New Work Registrations and Revisions, while CWR 3.0 (not yet in use anywhere) has no such distinction. You definitely want to start with a default value. Press on Save.


CWR export list view

You will be taken to the CWR export list view, which may look familiar, as all list views are similar. But it has two links in each row: View CWR and Download. The latter will download the CWR file, and the former will take you to the preview:


CWR preview with syntax highlighting

Please note that the example shown above the CWR file with syntax highlighting. This feature is not available in open source code, but requires the use of an external service.

When you hover over the fields with your cursor, additional information is shown to help in solving issues with your society or any other receiver of the CWR file.