Installation and Upgrading


Heroku announced that they are discontinuing all free services on 28th of November 2022, and deleting all existing free databases. (


Due to the situation, Matija Kolarić temporarily removed the pre-installation wizard. (


Code repository for DMP can be found at

Without the pre-installation wizard, which is not available for the time being, installation of DMP requires significant technical skills.

DMP - Django-Music-Publisher is based on Django, which can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and servers. For more information, consult the official Deploying Django documentation.

If you plan to use Django-Music-Publisher as one of the apps in your Django project, there is nothing special about it:

pip install --upgrade django_music_publisher

Add music_publisher.apps.MusicPublisherConfig to INSTALLED_APPS. Almost everything goes through the Django Admin. The only exception is royalty calculation, which has to be added to

from music_publisher.royalty_calculation import RoyaltyCalculationView

urlpatterns = [
    path('royalty_calculation/', RoyaltyCalculationView.as_view(), name='royalty_calculation'),

There are several required settings.


Secret key

Django requires SECRET_KEY to be set.

S3 storage

Recommended S3 provider is Digital Ocean, it is simpler to set up and more affordable than AWS. They call S3 Spaces.

For Digital Ocean, you need to set up only four config (environment) variables.

  • S3_REGION (alias for AWS_S3_REGION_NAME) and S3_BUCKET (alias for AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME), you get them when you set up your Spaces, and
  • S3_ID (alias for AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID) and S3_SECRET (alias for AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY), you get them when you generate your Spaces API key.

If you want to use AWS or some other S3 provider, the full list of settings is available here.

Other options

  • OPTION_FORCE_CASE - available options are upper, title and smart, converting nearly all strings to UPPER CASE or Title Case or just UPPERCASE fields to Title Case, respectively.
  • OPTION_FILES - enables support for file uploads (audio files and images), using local file storage (PC & VPS)