Integration (Rest API)

DMP is very good at data management and validation, but not made for public presentation of this data. Still, it makes no sense to enter the same data over and over again. Now you don’t have to.

DMP has provides several browsable read-only API endpoints for integration with other software, most notably user’s website.

The address of the API root, relative to the home page, is: api/v1/.

Shareable Playlists

A sharable playlist can be accessed through a normal HTML interface, or through a REST API endpoint. Both URLs can be found in the change view.

There is currently no way to get a list of all secret playlist.

Backup Metadata

  • /api/v1/backup_metadata/

This endpoint can be used to get all the metadata about all works and releases. However, public data (descriptions, images and audio files) are not included.

It is available only to a superuser, because it’s purpose is to provide one-time backup if you choose to move to a different system.


If you are moving from DMP to That Green Thing, the migration is fully automated.