Music Pub Cartoons is a YouTube channel about technical aspects of music rights.

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Music Publishing

These videos are good, technical oriented introduction into music publishing with practical examples. They are providing a completely unique and invaluable insight into music publishing.

Six out of ten videos (videos 2-7) feature Django-Music-Publisher, covering both basic and advanced topics, from obtaining ISWCs, batch work registrations, various types of publishing agreements, etc. Videos about administration and sub-publishing feature two more advanced tools.

Total playlist duration is around 55 minutes.


These videos are specifically about Django-Music-Publisher.

The playlist starts with a general introduction, followed by videos explaining who is the target group, specifically original publishers, the benefits of open source and several tutorials, covering deployment, basic and advanced metadata editing, and the use of CWR for registration of musical works.

Total playlist duration is around 25 minutes.

Music Metadata

These short videos cover basic music metadata terminology.

Total playlist duration is around 10 minutes.