Importing Data

Musical works metadata can be imported from CSV files.


Who should import data?

Data imports should not be regarded as a part of the standard work flow and should not be performed by staff users.

Failsafes, present during the manual data input and editing, may not be available during data imports.


There is no way to undo a successful import other than by restoring your database from a backup. If you don’t know how to back up and restore your database, do not import data!

What is being imported?

The import process will add works, including alternative titles, writers, artists, libraries and library releases.

No data is ever modified, with only one exception. A general agreement for an existing writer may be set and a society-assigned agreement number may be added.

Why are errors reported?

If data in the file is incomplete or conflicting with data in the database (or other data in the same file), an error will be thrown. Not all errors shown in a user-friendly way.


When an error is thrown, no changes to the database occur.

Work IDs

The template contains Work ID column. If you never assigned IDs to works, leave this blank. The system will generate work IDs. Note that this is not the ID given by your society or any third party.

On the other hand, work IDs must be maintained when moving from one software to another. Failing to do so may overwrite your existing registrations at collecting societies or create duplicates.


Not assigning work IDs when required will lead to double registrations and other issues.


Assigning wrong work IDs will lead to registrations cancelling each other.

How to import?

Obtaining and extending the template

Download CSV Template. You can edit it in Excel or another spreadsheet tool.

It contains 4 columns for alternative titles, as well as 4 column sets for writers and 4 column sets for artists.

For another writer column set, add all of: Writer 5 Last, Writer 5 First, Writer 5 IPI, Writer 5 PRO, Writer 5 Role, Writer 5 Share, Writer 5 Controlled, Writer 5 SAAN.

You can add as many writer-, artist- and alternative-title-sets as you require. Just keep incrementing the counter.

Note that this file has the same form as CSV exports, described in Exporting CSV.

Filling out the template

Fill out the template. Make sure to save as CSV.

Values in Writer PRO, Writer Role and Writer Controlled columns must start with correct codes.

Writer PRO must start with society code without the leading zero. 10, 10 ASCAP, 10 - ASCAP or 10 - BMI will all resolve as ASCAP. ASCAP without the code will throw an error.

Writer Role must start with one of C, A, CA, AR, TR or AD, e.g. C - Composer.

Writer Controlled should be set to No, Yes or General (see Writer for details).

Data upload

Upload the CSV file through the data import form. If all goes well, the import report will show links to imported works.