Add/Change View


Add writer view

Add and change views for writers have several fieldsets.

Writer ID and Account Number

At the top, before the first fieldset are two fields, Writer ID, assigned by the system and not editable, and Account #, used for linking data from DMP with your accounting, when processing royalty statements.


Last name and first name fields in the first, quite self-explanatory. Only last name is required.


IPI name # and IPI Base # in the second. If you are unfamiliar with these identifiers, see IPI name and base numbers.


Performance Rights Society in the third. In most cases, writers are only affiliated with performance rights societies. Depending on settings, fields for mechanical and even sync affiliation might be visible.

General Agreement

In the last group, we have three fields:

  • General agreement to mark that there is an original general agreement with this writer. This means that this writer must be controlled in all works.
  • Society-assigned agreement number for the original general agreement between you and this writer (required in some societies)
  • Publisher fee is the fee kept by the publisher when royalties are paid and distributed.


Publisher fee is not used in registrations. It is used only for royalty statement processing. Details are explained in that section.



This section is only visible if file uploads are configured.

This section has two fields:

  • Image - for uploading an image of the writer
  • Description - for public description


This section has only a single field Notes. You can use it in any way you like.

List View


List writers view

The last column is both a work counter and link to the list of works by this writer.

Can be controlled column requires an explanation.

For writers who are controlled (whose works are published by you), more data is required than for those who are not. This column shows if data is sufficient for the writer to be marked as controlled.

Controlled writers without affiliation and/or IPI name number

In very rare cases, writers choose not to affiliate with any society and even get an IPI name number. And consequently not getting paid.

If you control such a writer, you can still enter them. If they don’t have an IPI name number, you can enter 00000000000. If they are not affiliated with any performance rights society, there is a NO SOCIETY option at the bottom of the list.

This has to be manually re-entered on every save of the writer form. It is a feature, not a bug. In almost all cases, both IPI name number and PR affiliations should be entered for controlled writers. Entering edge case exceptions should not be simple.

Other writers

For writers you do not control, you should still provide as much data as possible.


Only if ALL writers are identified with their IPI numbers, the work can receive an International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC).